Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Eight Year Old's words!

When I fall, you are the one I need.
When I am thirsty you are the one I need.
When I'm about to die, you help me.
Lord, you're so wonderful.
What can I do good to you, You're not one of those statues.
You're my God. You're a real God.

I found this this morning by my Bible. I asked Katie where she got this from--she said she just wrote it. Whoa! She's on the right track. Ok, the die part...had me going hmmm....but at least she knows where to look!


  1. I've been lurking here, just so you know. And I couldn't resist coming to see what Katie had written. Must go pack, though...

  2. That's great to find that spontaneously written. Wow, it is awesome to see faith in children.