Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Building Up....what does this mean?

The purpose for this blog is to share little nuggets that John and I and maybe others have been learning from God's Word. I am going to try to keep most posts short and to the point so people can quickly read them and see what we have been learning from the Bible. Some of the posts may be lengthy, so when you see those, allot your time for reading:). I do not promise to post regularly as my schedule is quite full these days. As the Lord teaches us and inspires us to post, I will post.

I have been reading in I Corinthians about the need to build up the church. Building up can include encouragement, instruction, correction...and more, I am sure...but all building up needs to be done in love:). So, this blog's main purpose will be to share the "nuggets" that we feel with help people in their walk with the Lord. Hope you enjoy...first real post to follow today or tomorrow!