Saturday, April 25, 2009

An idea for you to try

I am often reminded that we need more of God in our daily lives. in our friendships. in, well, everything! So, why not read a book of the Bible together with a friend, a mom or a dad? I got this idea from my friend Bekah who meets on Skype with her friend every Tuesday for Bible Study! How cool is that? They are dedicated! I think they meet in the early, early morning too! Since I am in Russia, I have this privilege of sharing the word online when I cannot in person.

I first asked my friend Sarah to do this and we read Galatians together. Now, I am reading Colossians with my mom and friend Abby. We just write our thoughts down in an email and share. It's fun seeing a new perspective. I had done this a long time ago just before getting married. I read a book with my dad--it was one of the Pauline letters---but which one I can't recall. So, will you do the same? What are you reading right now? Are you almost ready to start a new book---if so, here's your chance!!

We should be reading the Word why not simultaneously read with a friend---even though not in the same room! Our friendships should always have a spiritual aspect to them. One should disciple and the other learn or both of you should be sharpening each other. If our friendships ever have zero growth toward God, you might consider adding that aspect to it. It can only improve it---when you both are growing or giving of the Lord!

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  1. I think this is good for when you're temporarily separated from someone close to you or when you don't have close fellowship regularly. When I'm on break I sometimes do this because I'm away from my regular church. It's hard to balance "real-life" and long-distance relationships.

    Even if you're not reading a book together, I like sharing with long-distance friends about what the sermon was in church, or what we're studying in Bible study. Then the other person can share what he thinks on the same topic.