Thursday, April 30, 2009

2 Realizations Tests and Words

Ok, so I have been thinking much about tests/trials that God has us go through. My daughter Katie was talking to me about something to do with school--the specifics slip my mind right now. I was explaining to her that she would not have anything on her tests that I had not already taught her. That's not the purpose of tests---to introduce new material---then it hit me---the Lord may do the same. I would only be tested on the things He has already tried to teach me. Somehow, that relieves me of is now my responsibility to be a good student of the Lord and not to predict new material or know the test material beforehand. So, as He teaches, I want to learn. I don't have to learn during the test, but before the test.

2nd realization
Last night, I was explaining a situation to a couple of friends of how I do not like to commit to something unless I really really mean to do it! My life parable is the story in the Bible of the two sons of one sons commits to do work for his father, but doesn't, and the other one says he won't , but then in the end, he does the work. In my life, I would rather say no, then do it if I can. In my opinion, your word is your life--your reputation. I was reading in Jeremiah today---and Jeremiah 1:12 b says "I am watching over my word to perform it." So, that's where I get it! My heavenly father!!! He doesn't commit to anything that He doesn't remember to do! How awesome is this. I love it when I see a physical resemblance in me or my kids to my parents and/or brothers. Somehow, it makes me feel a very strong connection to them---that I am part of something bigger, that I belong in their family. Here, I see that some things that are really strong in me, really came from Him! Cool! I want there to be more of that in my life that resembles Him.

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  1. I always thought of the real test being in the application. There might be new situations that weren't covered in "class" (life), but the TOOLS, if learned well, will stay with you.

    I'm with you on the commitment thing. But I think it also relates to culture and personality! I tend to be more hesitant to agree, but others feel it is better to be willing to say yes right away. I think in Russia people are more likely to agree right away, but not mean it literally.